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Blog Detail

Living Life on the Ledge: Look and See

“This period leading up to our Virtual Conference November 8-12 features the work of another longstanding on-the-ground theologian, Dianne Diaz. Her series is entitled “Living Life on the Ledge”

Source: Unknown

The photo of two mountain goats standing precariously on a very narrow ledge of a sheer cliff, grabbed my attention. 

They almost seem nonchalant as they gaze directly at the camera lens.

I chuckled, particularly, at one of the goats who peered out curiously from behind the barrier of solid rock.

What a life!

One single mis- step and it would be all over.

This was after all a very high cliff and it appears that awaiting the mis- step of one such hapless creature is  the welcoming ” arms” of the ocean.

Yet as I pondered on this possible predicament of mountain goats, I 

could’ nt help thinking: Life, for us, is also OUR LEDGE.

Perhaps we can agree that Life becomes our  living on a Ledge as the years slowly pile up. 

That’s aging. Pure and simple. Or we may choose to say ” getting old or becoming a senior.”

Our lives begin with the promise of so much ahead for us. Aging may be defined as how much ” time is left for us..”

We mourn and grieve in a special when children or young people die. We say..” but they had so much to live for” or “they are gone before their time.”

When we age or as we age each day should become more precious. We live or should, not in the past or for the future but for OUR NOW.

Life becomes that special space and time when we ought celebrate” being alive” even when the edges of grief, suffering or even impending death seems to draw nigh to us.

Soften those personal or spiritual hard edges that we embrace as being who we are.

Now is the time to choose freely and wisely how we live out our lives on the ledge.

Note that ledges may offer some of the most exhilarating and spectacular views. 

Look. Look at that view from this new and vulnerable position. 

Look and see. Look without with fresh sight. Look within with renewed hope and great affection. For within offers the possibility of becoming a new being: free, unfettered, unchained. 

When we look and see, we discover that one can live fully on that precarious ledge.

I wish to honour our beloved Peter Telfer, founder of the Mawasi Experience whose life was the steady, exhilirating, passionate beat of the drum. 

Indeed Peter is a beautiful example of how life can be lived passionately, creatively, in surrender to a living, loving Creator.

By Dianne Diaz