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The Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today is a group of Caribbean persons of faith who over the last 25 years has struggled to provide a “free and open space” for theological reflection grounded in the daily lives of ordinary people while forging deep personal and spiritual relationships in an ongoing exploration and sharing of our Caribbean religious experiences.



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A recap of my experience at the CTCT Conference 2023 in Grenada

I recently had the opportunity to participate in The Conference of Theology in the Caribbean Today (CTCT) which was held

On Death and Dying

“…unresolved grief combined with the high levels of injustice will turn anger into rage, as we are seeing, and add

Youth and Caribbean Theology!

The Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today (CTCT) 2023 took place in Grenada during the period of June 26th

Living in a world shaped by the pandemic

“And the waters gradually receded from the earth.” (Gen 8:3, NRSV). “The crashing and receding waves of a tsunami engender

Launching OMSC’s New Online Learning Modules in World Christianity, Mission Studies, and Intercultural Theology

By Byung-Ho Choi, OMSC@PTS Digital Learning & Design Specialist OMSC@PTS is excited to invite the world church to join our

Congratulations Sr. Carla and Ramon!

In some news from outside the region… During May 4th to 6th, 2023 a conference hosted by St Mark’s College

Conference in Grenada 2023