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Mia Mottley Tide

By Donald Chambers Prime Minister the Honourable Mia Mottley, Barbados became a Republic on November 30, 2021 (Feast of St. Andrew), seve

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Listening during the Pandemic

Contributing writer Ottrisha Carter shares on her experience of this year’s virtual Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today, held Novemb

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The ADVENT-ure of HOPE

The Advent-ure of Hope. There are two words that we use…and .usually apply to some of the most critical times in our lives: 

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Living Life on the Ledge: Listening to discern

" The Church may be both hierarchical and collegial but Pope Francis intends that in her interiority she will be synodal."This quote is taken from "

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Living Life on the Ledge: Listening and Learning

Caption for photo: Photo courtesy 'Amazing Nature'.   We cannot thrive, grow or flourish if we fail to be aware of the different rhythms of Life

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Living Life on the Ledge: Look and See

"This period leading up to our Virtual Conference November 8-12 features the work of another longstanding on-the-ground theologian, Dianne Diaz. Her

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A Moment in Time

Welcome to our CTCT micro blog. Here we feature original reflections of a personal nature that explore our life of faith, scholarship, mini

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2005 (Suriname)

Being Church in a Plural Society Rose-Ann walker, Poetry as a Medium for being Church in a Plural Society: Two Articulations CARIBBEAN

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