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Blog Detail

The ADVENT-ure of HOPE

🌺The Advent-ure of Hope.🌺

There are two words that we use…and .usually apply to some of the most critical times in our lives: 

Hopeful and Hopeless.

To be hopeful is to have expectations even when circumstances seem so dire, so challenging, so difficult.

Remember that saying: “Where there is hope, there is life. “

Certainly, when we celebrate the Season of Advent, we look and perceive at what GIVES life and ENHANCES it, SUSTAINS it, even though all the signs around us point to the opposite. 

With hope in our hearts, we can sing in the darkness even before the dawn breaks through. Our spirits are aware of the darkness but deep in our souls where the Holy Spirit resides we perceive the presence of Light. 

Too often, we surrender hope and in doing so miss the great opportunity of the ADVENT-ure of Life. We feel the darkness, choose to be overwhelmed by it and for us everything becomes Hopeless. Our hearts are imprisoned, our spirits sink and our souls refuse to acknowledge the Presence of Hope…the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

For us, life becomes death and we remain stuck in the mire of adversity. 

When this happens we miss the great ADVENT-ure.

People of hope are patient people. 

They wait, yes, but in anticipation and expectation like the bird who sings even in the darkest moments preceding Dawn.

Be patient. Be hopeful. Wait and while you do lift the spirits of others with your songs of hope. 

🌺Dianne Diaz🌺