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Creation Spirituality:

What’s in it for the Caribbean?

[The Cheryl Herrera Memorial Lecture]

– Annette Chow

Creation Spirituality- What’s in it for the Caribbean? for Conference 2013 Vatican II and the Church in the Caribbean (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)

When we look at the people in our pews, we see that they represent mainly the senior citizens and children. There is a missing age. My 20+ nieces and nephews are not going to Church. The Confirmation teenagers endure the classes and then as soon as they go to University, many of them say that faith is not relevant. Some are even saying there is no God. They experience a contradiction between what they have been taught in Church and science. They do not need God to explain the mysterious. Our young people have made me realize that we cannot take it for granted that Caribbean people will continue praying and believing in God. During my Sabbatical in Ireland, I have discovered that there need not be a conflict between faith and science. In fact my faith was deepened by science.

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