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Blog Detail

The Covid effect: Turning the tide-CatholicTT

“The tide. tide is time, tide is timing, low tide, high tide, it’s the moment, the Kairos” (Don Chambers, CTCT, 2021).

In oceanography, the turn of the tide symbolises “a reversal of the direction of motion [rising or falling] …of a tide” (Mc Graw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms, 2021).

As an idiomatic expression, the term can be compared with others such as “a moment of truth”. At the CTCT’s (Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today) 26th and inaugural virtual conference held from November 8–12, the theme The COVID Effect: Turning the Tide was seen as the kairos moment (a word of Greek origins, meant to connote the fulfilment of time, the right moment) for theological reflection in the Region.

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From the CTCT Secretariat