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Blog Detail

Blog Detail

Woman in Pain

Ah want to tell you a story, about something that really concerns me

The other day ah went to San Fernando , to do some business you know

Before ah know what was happening , ah hear this man shouting,



Hello darling ,ah fine you looking so nice , ( repeat)

Dat was not enough for he

He start to tell me about me body

Well, ah get so vex right away, but ah continue to go on me way

Ah start to listen and look around, to see what really going on,


Well every time a woman passing, you should hear all the heckling,

Ah doh know how all ah you feeling

But ah find it disgusting


Even when you going to church an ting

The same nonsense you encountering

All whey you pass you meeting some man

Who feel he right to speak out he mind

Making yuh life uncomfortable ,and taking you rights from you

Is like they ent have nothing else to do, but to lime and call out to you


Meh heart does grieve when ah remember

How it was many years ago

When you could ah walk the road anytime

To shop and even to lime

bur nowadays it ent so again

Woman of all age in plenty ah pain

Anytime you decide to walk the road

Is the same old song to be heard


What ah pity , what ah shame, what ah disgrace

Even in you own house you ent even safe

Women char go about the business in Peace

Because the men feel they have a lease

ah char take these horrors no more

Ah find they going too far

Is time to open we mouth and talk

And demand the freedom to walk


Well ah have ah suggestion, to alleviate dis frustration

Leh we tell we don’t like Dey action

They have to take a new direction

Leh we start with the old and the young

And all dem who liming around

Leh we tell them they have to sing a new song

Like, good morning, how you doing today

Dat go be enough for we, and it make for equality and harmony