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Blog Detail

Congratulations Sr. Carla and Ramon!

In some news from outside the region…

During May 4th to 6th, 2023 a conference hosted by St Mark’s College was held in Vancouver, British Columbia. The conference was themed Pope Francis & the Future of the Church: Prospects & Challenges for Renewal and was graced with the presence of 45 outstanding presenters. Among the esteemed presenters, such as Massimo Faggioli and Katie Ward, were 2 of our very own CTCT members, Ramon Luzarraga and Sister Carla Thomas!

Ramon, hailing from Saint Martin’s University, presented Pope Francis and the Death Penalty, an Encuentro Between Latin American Catholic Moral Realism and a U.S. Catholic Illusion, and Carla, coming from the University of St. Michael’s College, presented Pope Francis’ Pastoral Magisterium and the World Church: Renewing Ecclesial Approaches to the Family in a Postcolonial Caribbean.

We are beyond proud of these 2 beloved members, and are immensely grateful for their contribution to the global theological space. Ramon and Carla, your contributions are invaluable. Thank you for following God’s call in your lives.

Details of the conference can be found here: https://popefrancis.stmarkscollege.ca