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Call for Papers and Creative Presentations 2023

Call for Papers and Creative Presentations

Conference 2023

St. Martin Retreat Centre

Mt. St. Ervan’s


Dates: June 26-30, 2023 (Travel dates: June 25 and July 1, 2023)

Theme: Breaking Tides, Reshaping Land: Living in a world

shaped by the pandemic?



“And the waters gradually receded from the earth.” (Gen 8:3, NRSV)


The crashing and receding waves of a tsunami engender both destruction and recreation as they reshape the landscape. As the Caribbean and the world continue to wrestle with the effects of the pandemic, we ask ourselves how our faith can guide us in our creative, pragmatic, pastoral responses to the continued onslaughts on the vulnerable socio-ecological and human lifeworld (especially in this context).


In a world that suffers, time and again, from hurricanes, tsunamis, and other severe weather events, we draw on the image of surging waves, breaking and receding, to inspire our reflection and conversation.


The story of the flood (Genesis 6-8) echoes the rhythm of destruction and regeneration that marks life. As the physical landscape is reshaped in this story, what of the human and cultural landscapes as we navigate the multifarious challenges facing our region? How do we move on and rebuild as Noah and his family did after the flood waters receded?


Can the destruction of nature inspire in us the zeal to begin again, to build flood-resistant houses on rock (Matthew 7:24-25)? As we focus on the practical implications of our time together, can we reimagine the ecumenical dimension of our work? Can we engage in deeper listening to one another and to voices on the margins, as we hear and act on the word of the divine.


We are inviting Caribbean thinkers, activists, artists, laity, pastoral workers, academics, clergy and theologians in the region and abroad to reflect, prepare, and present on the theme, at our biennial  Conference 2023 in Mt. St. Ervan’s, Grenada: Breaking Tides, Reshaping Land: Living in a world shaped by the pandemic?


Contributions are invited in the form of: an individual paper, panel, or other creative expression (poem, dance, artwork, song/performance piece) in response to the following subthemes:

  • Decolonial imaginings
  • Decolonial Waves
  • Time to move on
  • Moving on … moving forward
  • A synodal Caribbean
  • Reimagining mission in a post-pandemic Caribbean
  • Rebuilding the Caribbean together
  • Reshaping the Caribbean landscape: ecology / education / church
  • After the flood: The Caribbean Church and Climate Justice

Interdisciplinary contributions are also welcome and these can be any combination of the theological, pastoral, womanist, personal and anthropological, among others. Some sessions will be livestreamed. (A blended format will be available. For those presenting online a pre-recorded presentation is required.).

  • Send brief abstracts to: [email protected] with the subject line: CTCT 2023 Proposal with Name


Guidelines for Abstracts/Proposals:

  • Name of presenter(s) & contact details:
  • Title/Theme/Topic:
  • Format: poetry, movement, narrative/theological discourse, art, etc.
  • Content/Idea covered and its significance for Caribbean theology, culture, life, pastoral action, activism, etc.
  • Limit: 200 words.


Important dates:

  • March 31st – Deadline to submit proposals for papers

  • May 15th, 2023 Papers/creative presentations to be submitted



Papers and presentations will – either in whole or in part – be published to the CTCT website and social media platforms:

Website:         https://ctctoday.org/

Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/CTCT1994

Consent will be sought prior to other publications.


Conference Contribution:

  • US$50.00 or TT$350.00 or EC$ –   Conference fee (non-members)
  • US$40.00 or TT$280.00 or EC$ –   Conference fee for paid up members
  • Active members over 75 years of age are exempt from paying fees.
  • Undergraduate Students with ID are exempt from paying fees.


Further details re Conference costs and accommodation to follow.