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Bernadette Salandy – a good and faithful servant

By Felix Edinborough

As a template for our lives should we want to enter paradise, Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” (Jn 14:6). Some of us follow this statement and live our life accordingly, while others hesitate or don’t follow Him at all. Bernadette patterned her life after this teaching.

Jesus’ way was loving to all, and His life was spent teaching and helping others until His death on the cross. Bernadette strove to be a carbon copy of this life and so prepared herself for her entry into paradise.

Like Jesus, Bernadette spent most of her life as a teacher, for she taught not only in an institute of education but also in her parish and the Archdiocese, where she served faithfully until her dying days.

She did this service mainly through the many organisations of which she was a member, and not just a floor member but very active in running the affairs. Some of those in which she served, almost too numerous to mention, are: Liturgy Committee (St Anthony’s Parish), The Carmelite Sisters, Better World Movement, Liturgy School, Lectio Divina, Pastoral Bulletin, Catholic News (as a proof reader), Marriage Tribunal, Antilles Canon Law Society, Canadian Canon Law Society and Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today. She also did reflections for CAMSEL.

Through her activities in these various groups, she was able, like Jesus, to teach many of the faithful. It is to be noted that all this was done with humility for she never sought the limelight. Only the members of the organisations would know how hard she worked and how valuable she was.

During her last days when she could no longer leave the house on her own, too weak because of serious sickness, she would still organise online meetings, but participants did not know how much she was suffering.

Like Jesus, she bore her cross courageously, without complaint. She was not one to burden people with her suffering. She carried her cross to Calvary and accepted her fate.

Like Jesus, through her teaching and example, with the little knowledge she had, her five loaves and two fishes, she was able to feed thousands. She was a good and faithful servant.

To enter in the Church, she had to be baptised. If you have to be baptised to enter the gates of paradise, I can envision the Father saying, “This is my daughter, the beloved, my favour rests on her.”

May she enjoy eternal ecstasy in the arms of the Lord, whom she served so well.

The funeral for Bernadette Salandy was held on Thursday 19th January at 10am at The Church of The Nativity, Crystal Stream. The staff at Catholic Media Services extends condolences to the family and friends of Bernadette Salandy who passed away Thursday, January 12, 2023. She was 77 years old and had been ailing. Bernadette contributed to the Church at all levels – parish, archdiocesan and regional. For us at The Catholic News, she was a committed contributor, proofreader and supporter over the years.

May she rest in peace.

Tribute by Msgr. Patrick Anthony